Stan Lee Reveals Battle With Pneumonia

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Fans have been quite worried about Stan Lee for the past few months. The Marvel icon has been canceling con appearances and going to medical centers, which has been concerning. Add the recent robbery he just faced and it's clear that Stan "The Man" has been going through a lot.

Regarding his health issues, Lee told fans that he has been battling Pneumonia via a video from TMZ.

The video is a tough watch since the normally energetic 95-year-old is clearly struggling with the sickness. Still, his assurance that he is getting better is nice and the fact that he mentions how much he loves and misses the fans will get plenty of viewers emotional.


At his age, it's easy to see why Lee has been canceling appearances. During the Black Panther premiere, Lee was actually seen in a wheelchair, which got plenty of fans worried. Marvel has actually filmed a number of his trademark guest spots in advance so that he won't be troubled.

We hope Stan has a speedy recovery.

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