Stan Lee Is Looking For Your Vote In His Campaign To Become President Of The World

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Marvel comic book legend and cameo king Stan Lee is looking for your vote in his campaign towards becoming the President of the World.

Taking to Twitter, the 95-year-old comic book creator and editor wrote a post asking his followers who'd vote for him as the President of the World. The tweet was met with a whole lot of aplomb, gaining more than 111 thousand likes and more than 18 thousand retweets. Commenting on Lee's post, fans showered the comic book legend with support, saying that they love him and that they'd be willing to give him his vote.

The numbers might not be enough given the 7 billion global population, but with a strong campaign and with the fanbase's enthusiasm, Lee just might have a winning shot at the imaginary office for President of the World.


Though the tweet is obviously just some cute little antic, it's great seeing Lee enjoying himself online, especially after months of concern from the fanbase. There have been a lot of strange reports regarding Lee the past few months. There have been reports of theft, social media account hacking, and elder abuse by those close to him.

But now it seems like the comic book legend is back to his old self, posting videos and interacting with fans on social media.

Lee's latest cameo can be seen in Avengers: Infinity War which is currently screening in cinemas.

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