16 Jan 2017 2:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Stan Lee Celebrates 75 Years at Marvel in New Video

Marvel has released a video commemorating Stan Lee's 75-years at Marvel. Lee is the former president and chairman at Marvel and is a co-creator for many of Marvel's most iconic characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four. Under Lee, Marvel expanded from the small publishing house it originally was to the large corporation it is today.

In the video, Lee discusses how he first got his job at Marvel and how he ended up keeping it despite his young age. He also talks a bit about Marvel's partnership with Disney. You can see the video below:

It's amazing to see how big role luck played in Lee's legendary leadership at Marvel. At the young age of 18, he was asked if he could "handle things" at Marvel until they "got a grown-up". But as Stan puts it, they never got that grown-up and the rest is history.


Lee finishes the video by saying depsite his accomplishments, he feels Marvel can stand on its own just fine without him. "The comics, really, they can take care of themselves. They don't need me anymore for the comics".

Stan Lee's career was not without controversy, but no one can deny Marvel wouldn't be what it is without him. What do you think of Stan and his legacy? Tell us in the comments! 

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