Squid Game Actress Jung Ho Yeon Reaches 20 Million Instagram Followers, Beats A-Listers

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Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon reached a new Instagram milestone one month after the hit Korean series arrived on Netflix.

Jung Ho Yeon initially had 400,000 Instagram followers before Squid Game hit the streaming platform. The model-turned-actress joined the now-hit Korean series and played the role of North Korean defector, Kang Sae Byeok.

After Squid Game officially became the most-watched series in the history of Netflix, its cast members also benefited from that and reached new milestones in their careers.

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Jung Ho Yeon Earns 20 Million Followers On Instagram After Squid Game Appearance

Squid Game Actress Jung Ho Yeon Reaches 20 Million Instagram Followers; Beats A-Listers
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The Korean actress began to welcome millions of followers every week since Squid Game arrived. From 400,000 followers, Jung Ho Yeon officially surpassed the 20 million mark on Instagram.


Since the Korean series garners popularity despite achieving 111 million household views, fans also expect Jung Ho Yeon and other cast members to have more fans.

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SocialBlade confirmed the immediate rise of the actress' followers, and she is now ranked 384th on Instagram users with the most followers. Her hourly gains led her to beat Song Hye-Kyo, who formerly held the most-followed Korean actress on the Instagram title.

Jung Ho Yeon is now a few million away from the most popular Korean male actor on the social media site — Lee Min Ho.

Due to her continuous popularity, there are already a lot of fake accounts emerged online. In response, the actress reminded her followers through Instagram Story that her Instagram is the only social media account she has.

How Squid Game Changed Jung Ho Yeon For The Better?

Squid Game Actress Jung Ho Yeon Reaches 20 Million Instagram Followers; Beats A-Listers
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Before landing a role on Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon worked as a model for over a decade. Only after the world saw the generation's "It" girl through the Netflix series, that is when the actress reportedly realized how the flick changed her for the better.


Jung Ho Yeon told Vulture she suffered from traumas as a model since everyone has constantly judged her. In every magazine she works on, there is always a reader who criticizes her. Despite being in front of cameras for years, she still feels nervous and tense while working.

Fortunately, when she finally acted on Squid Game, the actress began studying humans and learned why a person works like this or makes a choice like that. By filming the Netflix series, she has deepened her relationships and found out how to resolve challenges and difficulties through a softer approach.

At the end of the interview, she showed how "being soft" means by sending her character, Sae Byeok, a heartfelt message.

"I would say, you did good. Well done. She's been struggling all her life, for her family, and she tried really hard. I think she did her best. Well done," she said.

Jung Ho Yeon still has a lot of things to discover as a new star in the TV and movie industry. But whatever job she takes soon, she would surely remember the lessons she got from Squid Game.

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