Square Enix Releases Trailers Final Fantasy XV DLC Bonuses

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There's already a lot happening for Final Fantasy XV.

We've seen the Twitter contests. We've also enjoyed the many sneak peeks ever since the delay. There have been a couple of new games, one that extends the franchise for mobile gamers.


Yet Square Enix seems far from done in churning the hype train for Final Fantasy XV. Just recently, the developer rolled out not one, but 16 trailers featuring the different preorder DLC bonuses that fans can get for the game.

There's quite a number of them, so we'll feature a few videos, particularly those with some rather interesting bonus items.

The Ultimate Edition seems to be hitting a lot of the sweet bonuses, seen in the clips featuring the Gourmand Set, the Angler Set, the Travel Pack, the Camera Kit, the Platinum Leviathan recolor for the Regalia, and the Costume Royal Raiment.


Amazon US preorder is also raking up some sweet additional bonuses, including the weapons Gae Bolg, Blazefire Saber, and Mage Mashers, alongside others earlier mentioned.

Sony's preorder bonus is the Big Bang theme, while those getting via the Microsoft Store can get ready for an Xbox One FFXV Avatars featuring Noctis Costumes and Carbuncle Pet. Both also come with the 16-Bit Buddies recolor for the Regalia, which I think must be the best of the skins bunch.


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