Square Enix is Taking Down YouTube Videos of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ending

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out for a while now and fans have been talking about its great and controversial parts ever since its release. The ending, in particular, has been a huge talking point of the gaming community, with many debating about if its good or not and how they set up for future follow-ups. It seems like Square Enix isn't a fan of their fans posting the ending on YouTube though, with several content creators claiming that the company is having these videos removed.

On Twitter, a number of fans have posted about what the company has been doing, which is, admittedly, pretty annoying. It's not like the company gave fans a streaming warning when it began. Yes, we don't want to see spoilers here and there but that requires actually searching for it. Those that can't play the game tend to watch playthroughs to see how awesome it is so this isn't the best move from the company.

Hopefully, Square Enix and these content creators can reach a compromise when it comes to how they should show their playthroughs. A number of content creators told their fans to head to Twitch if they want to see them play the ending since they don't want their videos to be taken down by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on the PS4. It is expected to come out on other gaming systems next year. If you don't like the remake, just replay the original game. It's still here.

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