Spy x Family Fans Are Loving Fiona Frost After Episode 21

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Spy x Family Fiona Frost

While she technically debuted in Episode 20, Fiona Frost finally played a big role in Spy x Family Episode 21 after an unannounced visit to the Forger family household.

As she’s a favorite of many manga readers, it should come as no surprise that anime-only fans were also entertained by her appearance.


Spoiler Warning: There are Spy x Family Episode 21 spoilers in this article.

Spy x Family Episode 21 Recap

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Fiona Frost is a new character in the anime as she made her first appearance in Episode 20, where she was introduced as a colleague of Loid Forger at the Berlint General Hospital.

Though it is soon revealed that Fiona is also a WISE agent codenamed Nightfall.

She is tasked with helping Twilight with his operations, though she seems to not be involved in Operation Strix -- that is until the latest episode.

At the start of Episode 21, Fiona goes to the Forger family’s apartment. There, she meets Yor and returns Anya’s magnifying glass.


Yor invites her in, and it’s revealed that Fiona is wary of Twilight’s pretend wife.

At first, it seems that Fiona is sizing up Yor because she might be a detriment to the mission.

But from her internal monologue, Fiona is unimpressed with Yor and believes that she should take her place.

When Anya and Loid get back, Anya reads Fiona’s mind and realizes that Fiona is a spy and that she’s head over heels in love with Twilight.

Despite her stoic and unchanging expression, Fiona is in love with Twilight and aims to be his wife (even if it’s just for the mission).

While Fiona wants to remove Yor from the equation, she leaves them be once she realizes that Twilight has actual feelings for his fake family.

She doesn’t reveal her feelings to Loid but instead says that she’s worried about the mission.

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Fans React to Fiona Frost

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Because of Fiona’s unflinching expression which contrasts with her feelings for Loid, fans found her to be entertaining to watch.


On Reddit, fans remarked about how they liked Fiona and how interesting they found this dynamic of hers with Twilight and the Forger family.

It also helped that Anya once again provided funny meme-worthy reaction faces.


What also made Fiona interesting for fans is that she’s voiced by Ayane Sakura, the voice actress of Ochaco in My Hero Academia, Iroha Isshiki in OreGairu, and Gabi Braun in Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

Sakura is typically cast as either younger girls or girls with bubbly personalities, while Fiona is stoic and emotionless, which is a far cry from her typical roles.

This was an interesting choice for fans, but it worked well based on her great performance in the episode.

You can see more of Fiona in the next Spy x Family episode which will release this weekend.


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