Spy x Family Fan Book Reveals Who Wins in a Fight Between Loid and Yor

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Spy x Family Loid Yor
Credit: Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha / Wit Studio / CloverWorks

Both Loid and Yor are capable fighters, but if you’re wondering who would win in a fight between the two Forgers, the Spy x Family fan book has the answer!

Earlier this year, the official fan book for the series was released, and it features lots of interesting info about the series’ characters.


Aside from the main trio of Loid, Yor, and Anya, the book also reveals details about Franky, Yuri, and others.

Though one of the most interesting tidbits is a comparison between the strength of Loid and Yor, and who would win if they got into an unlikely fight (translated courtesy of @msfujoshi23).

Loid, Yor, and Anya Facts From the Spy x Family Fan Book

spy x family forger family

The fan book revealed info about Loid that even manga fans might not know.

For instance, it was revealed that because Loid works in a hospital, along with his family duties and spy-related tasks, he only sleeps for two hours every day.

It’s also shared that Loid is an expert in many things, including cooking, disguises, and other tasks.

Though it turns out that his current mission, Operation: Strix, is the toughest challenge he has faced yet, thanks in part to Anya’s shenanigans.

Speaking of Anya, the fan book also goes into detail about things we don’t know about her.

For instance, her favorite subject in school is Classical Language, and aside from peanuts, she also likes the school cafeteria’s omurice.

Meanwhile, Yor is revealed to use stilettos as her weapon of choice as she can kill targets in a single blow without prolonging her suffering.

It’s also revealed that she’s extremely competent at her job as she practically has a 100% success rate.


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Loid vs. Yor: Who Would Win?

spy x family anime yor loid fight

Given how capable Yor is when it comes to fighting, the fan book detailed that when it comes to pure fighting ability, Yor has a score of 100 while Loid is at 60-70.

This means if Loid and Yor were to go on a straight-up fight without any weapons, Yor will easily win.

Of course, Loid’s expertise as a spy means he has other tools at his disposal.

spy x family anime loid forger

So, if he can avoid direct contact and avoid firearms, his chances of winning will go up considerably.

But even if Loid fights as a spy, a fight between the two would still be even.

For Anya’s sake, let’s hope that a fight between Loid and Yor won’t ever happen.

You can watch more of the Forgers in the next Spy x Family episode which will be released this weekend.

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