Special Spy x Family Event Coming to Universal Studios Japan in February

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Spy x Family Universal Studios Japan Anya

Aside from the upcoming stage musical, Spy x Family is launching even more projects thanks to its massive popularity. The latest is an upcoming Spy x Family event that will happen at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) beginning this February.

This is part of USJ’s Universal Cool Japan 2023 initiative that features collaborations with three popular Japanese properties.


Universal Studios Japan Anime Collabs

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This year, USJ has gotten a lot of hype from both Japanese and international fans with the opening of Super Nintendo World.

Not only is this a big deal for being Nintendo’s first theme park attraction, but it was also the first area in USJ that’s based on a Japanese IP.

Despite having mostly Western-themed attractions, USJ has collaborated with lots of Japanese franchises over the past years, including the likes of Godzilla and Attack on Titan, many of which featured 4-D experiences.

The latest collaboration was with Jujutsu Kaisen, the hit anime series by MAPPA.


As part of the collaboration, select areas of USJ were given Jujutsu Kaisen-themed makeovers while lots of exclusive collab merch were offered in shops.

This collab also featured a 4-D experience that included new animation of an original story that sees Yuji and his friends attend an event in Osaka.

USJ’s Hollywood Dream also got a JJK makeover, with the speakers playing the show’s first opening theme.

While the upcoming Spy x Family event won’t come with a special roller coaster ride, it will have an interactive live show that promises a “real spy experience.”

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Spy x Family USJ Event

At the USJ x Spy x Family event, park guests will take on the role of rookie agents for WISE, and they must decipher a code that’s hidden in the park.

Upon deciphering the code, guests will be allowed to participate in a special event.

At the event, guests will get an immersive experience featuring Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger.

Guests will then be given a chance to experience spy work with the Forger family.

Aside from the live show, there aren’t a lot of details yet about the collab event. Though exclusive merch will likely be made available at USJ during the event dates.


The Spy x Family event at Universal Studios Japan will be held from February 17 to July 2, 2023.

Following this, special events featuring Detective Conan and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will also be held at USJ.

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Source: Universal Studios Japan's official Twitter account / Comic Natalie.