Spider-Men II Does Something Surprising to [SPOILERS]

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Spider-Men II was a bit of an odd series, following up on the plot threads of the first Spider-Men that didn't really seem to lead anywhere. The "original" Miles Morales proved to be a dull foe, and the actual plot was kind of dull, despite Brian Bendis' solid dialogue and Sara Pichelli's art.

However, the final issue ended up dropping two massive bombshells; the return of the Ultimate Universe and the possible retirement of Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

(Marvel Comics/Bleeding Cool)

At the end of the issue, Miles seems to give up on being Spider-Man since he feels like it is something that distinctly belongs to Peter Parker. Ganke, Miles' best friend, tries to talk him out of it but the former Spider-Man seems to have made up his mind, putting away his torn up mask.

(Marvel/Bleeding Cool)

When asked about what can be better than being Spider-Man, Miles states that he wants to be his own man. This could mean that Miles will return with a new identity in the future, though let's not got ahead of ourselves.

Now, this isn't the final time we'll be seeing Miles Morales. In his solo Spider-Man series, he is currently taking on a new version of the Sinister Six, led by his evil uncle. Depending on how this issue ends, it will be easier to decide what Miles' final fate will be.

Spider-Men II #5 is available now.


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