‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Will Have IMAX Release on 2017

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Marvel and Sony just announced that the highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot will be released in IMAX coinciding with its July 2017 release.

The upcoming film's initial release was July 28, 2017. However, Sony Pictures announced an earlier release two weeks earlier. The film will now hit theaters on July 7.

According to IGN, the studios will be doing a digital remaster of the film for IMAX 3D as well.


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently shared his sentiments on the standalone Spidey film. He said he's very excited with the IMAX release and he thinks it's a "great way" for audiences worldwide to see and experience the web-slinging hero in action.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution president Josh Greenstein also expressed his thoughts on the latest news about the Spider-Man reboot starring English actor Tom Holland.

Greenstein said there's a lot about the web-slinger superhero which renders itself a perfect fit on the extra big screen. He added that Sony is confident that Spider-Man viewers and fans would want to watch the film on IMAX screens.

Of course, that is if audiences don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for it. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Jon Watts and Hollands' version of Peter Parker in IMAX. I'd like to trust Greenstein and Feige and take their word for it. Hopefully, I'll get my money's worth.

How about you? Will you watch the Spider-Man reboot in IMAX?