Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers Will Return For Sequel, Original Director Is Still In Talks

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Fans that enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming are in for some good news, as a report is claiming that the writers will be returning for the 2019 sequel. Considering how many found the film to be the funniest Spider-Man film yet, their return can only be a good thing. However, the film's director is still "in talks," so it looks like his Marvel future is more uncertain.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers would pen the wall-crawler's next adventure. Jon Watts, the director of the movie, has not been cleared for a return yet, so fans can only hope that their talks go well. Spider-Man movies have switched directors before, though fans will appreciate the fact that his continuity will remain intact.

Most people will agree that Spider-Man: Homecoming was a success, allowing the famous hero to blend into the MCU with Iron Man and Captain America. Reviews were mostly positive, though some took issue regarding the film's tone, which focused a little too much on comedy. Still, it made Spider-Man feel fresh, even though the character already has five movies with Sony.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 is scheduled for a July 5, 2019 release. Expect a different name for the film, as well as a wildly different status quo, thanks to the film's ending.

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