Spider-Man: Homecoming Star Clears Up Spidey’s Role in Marvel Movies

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Among the biggest controversies—and funny, meme-worthy instances in recent memory is the confusion among even the Marvel and Sony execs on the extent of influence and inclusion for the Spider-Man franchise.

While people may be excited to see a more extensive Spider-Man universe in the MCU, it seems that Marvel Studios and its main boss Kevin Feige have other plans for it. And now that a recent statement has cleared up where the likes of Venom stands in the universe, one other star has been able to clear up what his role will be as well.


It's none other than Spider-Man portrayed by Tom Holland. Spider-Man: Homecoming may be his first outing on his own, but Holland knows the boundaries of his character as far as where he will be appearing, as he shared with CinemaBlend:

"As I know now, I am in the MCU. I am the MCU Spider-Man. I exist in the world of the Avengers. The Venom movie takes place in a different universe, so I have no plans to show up in those movies any time soon. But you know, things change! We'll have to wait and see."

So that's pretty much it. The statements among the execs and stars seem to be lining up, though that means fans who got excited over a possible Venom crossover of sorts will have to just content themselves with Spider-Man's adventures with other Avengers.

I can't say I'm really disappointed, seeing as how the current lineup of heroes already have a good chemistry going forward. And quite frankly, I'm not sure how Venom will fit in the narrative of all this.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be out in theaters on July 7. Peter Parker's next adventure will be with the other Avengers next year, in Avengers: Infinity War.

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