09 Jul 2017 5:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Spider-Man Homecoming: Kevin Feige Teases The Future Of Zendaya's Michelle


In a twist, it turns out that the MJ in the MCU is not Mary Jane Watson but a Michelle Jones played by Zendaya. Though the character was far from being Peter Parker's love interest in the movie, her future in the MCU has been teased by Marvel President Kevin Feige.

Talking to Den of Geek, Feige explains:


"In setting up this will be a very different thing, she's not Mary Jane Watson, that's not who the character is. But giving her the initials that remind you of that dynamic certainly is intriguing about what could go forward."

The reveal was certainly odd, and you can already imagine a lot of fans tearing their hair out for the movie straying so far from canon. Then again, it's possible that Zendaya could be a red herring, and Mary Jane Watson could just be waiting around the corner.

Feige also said:

"Clearly, [Michelle] says she's not obsessed with him, she's just observant. But she's there. And to have fun with that while at the same time having it be different characters that can provide a different dynamic [is the point]."

I, for one, am very happy that Marvel is shaking things up. If Zendaya does turn out to be the actual MJ, she's definitely a lot more interesting and kooky than the other iterations of the character—perfect for a nerd like Peter Parker. I'm very interested to see where this goes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now out in theaters.

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