Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Reimagining of the ‘Greatest’ Superhero

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Compared to other Marvel superheroes, there's one in particular that stands out, not only because of his iconic costume and story, but also the fact that he has been reimagined twice (about to be three times).

Everyone knows this to be Spider-Man but not everyone may agree to him being the "greatest" superhero in the MCU. A lot of the debate may revolve around his characterization, his story, or even the fact that he's been reimagined so many times now, it's hard to know if this will be the story that will get the hero right.


As per Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige (via the Fan's Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming clip), however, this is the hit. In the recent mini featurette for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Feige described him to be just that: a great superhero.

"Spider-man is the biggest Marvel character. He is the jewel on the crown. He's such an amazing icon. He is a very different type of hero because he is, quite simply, the greatest superhero of all time."

Why exactly this is the case, he doesn't really go into detail with, in as far as how this representation will be executed in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, he does make a quick note as to why he can be held in such a high ground.

"When Steve Ditko and Stan Lee brought him to life in the early ‘60s, he was such a great contrast to all the other Marvel heroes… He was a modern-day high school kid in New York City who ended up accidentally getting extraordinary abilities."

Director Jon Watts added to this sentiment, and hit on what could be the sweet spot that Spider-Man: Homecoming is actually aiming to go into: the mind of your regular nerd who taps a power that he can only dream of:

"I've always sympathized with Peter Parker because he's a science nerd. And I was a science nerd in high school. Now imagine if you were Spider-Man and you can do all these amazing stuff. You would spend every moment of your day trying to maximize the amount of time you get to be Spider-Man. Because it would be the best feeling in the world."

From the look of the set—and that look on Holland's face—it's easy to see how Spider-Man: Homecoming will become the different movie in the franchise so far. Because instead of being called to action by your principles and circumstance (Captain America), forced to create a suit for survival (Iron Man's first movie), half-tortured into the super world (Black Widow) or born into a heroic role (Thor, essentially), this is where we see a hero who was pretty much normal before that freak accident.

Can't wait for all this hype to become a reality when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7.

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