27 Jun 2017 4:38 PM +00:00 UTC

Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Explains How Marvel Came Up With Peter Parker’s Iron Man 2 Cameo

Yesterday, Marvel's new Spider-Man star Tom Holland confirmed the old fan theory that Peter Parker had actually appeared in Iron Man 2. According to the actor, the seven year old wearing an Iron Man mask close to getting himself attacked by a Hammer Drone right before Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man comes in to save him was actually Peter and while some fans find it a convenient patch-up from Marvel, others are digging the connection between the Iron Man sequel and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Now, Homecoming director Jon Watts explains the real story behind Peter's appearance in Iron Man 2. Speaking with Uproxx about the highly anticipated Spider-Man movie, Watts was asked about the retconned Iron Man 2 Easter Egg and the director willingly opened up about how Marvel came up with the idea to confirm that the little boy in the movie was actually Peter.

"I was watching all these other movies and being like, ‘What if that little kid at the Stark Expo was Peter Parker? In the Iron Man mask.' Like, he'd be about the right age for that. And he loves Tony Stark. ‘Oh, what about after the Avengers battle, who would clean that stuff up?' Because they mention damage control at one point in the movie. So it's this thing where, because it's not completely figured out, that you can just go back and basically write fan fiction for those movies, then the fan fiction becomes reality. A lot of the Easter eggs in this movie just started by rewatching the movies."


"I mean, I remember watching that with Kevin Feige and everyone and being like, ‘Does the math work on that?' He was like, ‘It might, maybe.' Then I found out that was Jon Favreau's kid."

Sure it's a pretty easy move that helps tie Peter closer to the MCU, but it certainly works. A lot of fans are loving the idea of a retconned Spider-Man cameo in Iron Man 2 and it fits perfectly with Marvel's story for Holland's version of the webslinger.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits cinemas on July 7, 2017.

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