Spider-Man: Far From Home Getting Earlier Than Expected Release Date

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first Phase 4 MCU film and fan are pretty pumped to see the next solo Spider-Man film with Tom Holland. The fact that it's also set after Avengers: Endgame is a huge plus since we will get to see what the MCU landscape will be like once our heroes, presumably, save everyone.

Well, those that were pumped up for the Homecoming sequel's release date are in for some good news since it is now getting a slightly earlier release date. Rather than come out on July 5, the film is now slated for a July 2 release, which is great for those that had plans after the fourth of July. No matter the reason, you better start planning around the film (unless you don't care that much for movies).


The movie has a lot of people's interest, thanks to the confirmation of characters like Molten Man and Hydro-Man. We're also getting Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, which is a huge plus since it's the first time we'll be seeing the classic Spidey villain in live-action. Sorry, "villain," since the character is still being marketed as a superhero who helps our protagonist.

Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 2.

Via ScreenRant

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