Sphero Unveils New Force Band and Collector's Edition BB-8

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The hottest Star Wars item on the market last year during the approach to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was easily the app-enabled Sphero BB-8 (You can read our review here). Now, with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story approaching, Sphero is giving their BB-8 a cool upgrade that will change the way you control and interact with the droid.

Sphero just revealed their latest gardget: the Force Band, which can be paired with your BB-8 so you can move the droid with a simple motion of your hand. The Sphero BB-8 was previously controllable via an app downloaded to your smartphone. Now, users can control the little droid with the Force Band.


The Force Band includes different modes that will let its wearers use various features. The Force Awareness mode, paired with your smartphone, alerts users to "disturbances in the Force" that can be followed to collect relics digitally on your device in the style of Pokemon Go. Combat Training mode will give users the sensation of wielding a Blaster or Lightsaber via vibrations and sound effects.

In addition to the Force Band, Sphero also unveiled a new collector's edition battle-worn version of the original BB-8 toy. The BB-8 is included in the collector's bundle with the Force Band that's available for pre-order now for $199.99. You can buy the Force Band separately for $79.99.

Sphero also released a promotional video for the Force Band, demonstrating its features. Check it out:

Sphero co-founder Adam Wilson also appeared on CNBC to unveil the Force Band and show off it's functions live on television. You can watch the segment here:

The Force Band and the collector's edition bundle will be available on September 30.

Via: Jedi News