Spawn Won’t Speak In Todd McFarlane’s Movie Reboot

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It looks like Spawn won't be able to speak in comic book creator Todd McFarlane's upcoming superhero movie reboot titled right after the anti-hero.

Speaking in an interview with AZ Central, McFarlane went ahead and told fans that Spawn wouldn't actually speak in the film that he's currently developing, describing the film as something like what the shark was to the very first Jaws.


According to the comic book writer, Spawn would be more or less a simple player in the film. McFarlane wants to have the story focus on the protagonists hunting "the ghost" instead of putting the spotlight on the anti-hero himself. Spawn will have a diminished role in the film, not having even a single line in the movie. Instead, the film is to center around the normal, everyday people trying to hunt down Spawn.

In his interview with the publication, McFarlane claims that Spawn would earn its "R" rating in ways that no other comic book film's ever done, describing the project as a "supernatural thriller" tinged with "dark and heavy undertones."

Not only does he claim that Spawn would be fair grittier than Deadpool that's littered with dirty jokes and nude bodies, McFarlane also says that his film would have far more grit than Logan.

Let's see whether McFarlane keeps true to his word.


The Spawn reboot doesn't have a release date just yet but we'll keep everyone updated as soon as we get word.

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