Spawn Will Have Scenes from the Comics and HBO Animated Series

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The upcoming Spawn reboot is one of the more ambitious comic book adaptations coming to the big screen. While it doesn't have a release date yet, nor a leading star, it will be directed and written by Todd McFarlane, the character's creator. Since McFarlane is making the film himself, it should be no surprise that he will be referencing a lot of his source material.

Speaking with the crowd in ACE Comic-Con, McFarlane revealed that there would be a ton of references to his ongoing comic, as well as the acclaimed HBO animated series. Prior to this, he had previously mentioned that Spawn wouldn't talk in the movie and that he would be similar to Jaws, in that he's central focus but isn't always there. It will be interesting to see how he pays homage to the source material.

Here's McFarlane's full statement:

"Let me also say, there will be nothing in this movie that has not been in the comic book at some point, or in the HBO [animated series] at some point. I could show you the pages. I'm just culling it down."

Spawn does not have a release date as of this writing.

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