14 Jun 2016 9:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Sony Unleashes Cinematic ‘God of War’ Trailer For PlayStation 4

At its E3 press conference, Sony kicked off its presentation with a gameplay demo of its new entry for its God of War series for PlayStation 4, developed by Sony Santa Monica.

The new installment is the first follow-up to its 2013 PS3 prequel God of War: Ascension.

The trailer begins with a young boy playing then being called by a much older Kratos, the series’ antihero, to hunt for their meal. The reluctant boy obeys Kratos and chases a deer, until they are interrupted by a few enemies. Kratos of course easily crushes these decidedly bigger game, but it shows the antihero still having some anger issues to resolve.

Check out the trailer below:



The release date for God of War is yet to be revealed.