27 Sep 2019 12:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Sony Reveals MCU Spider-Man 3 Release Date

Now that Sony and Marvel have made peace for one more Spider-Man movie, fans are overjoyed since they will get to see Peter Parker interact with the MCU one more time. While this won't spell the end for Tom Holland as Spider-Man, this will be the last time Kevin Feige will be involved in these films. So when are we getting MCU Spider-Man 3? Two years from now as it turns out.

According to ComicBook.com, we will be seeing MCU Spider-Man 3 on July 16, 2021. Here is hoping that they announce a title soon because MCU Spider-Man 3 brings up bad memories of Spider-Man 3. Still, the two-year wait should be worth it and we can't wait to see how they handle Mysterio revealing Spider-Man's identity to the world.

Will Spider-Man cut a deal with Mephisto so that he and his supporting cast are transported to a new universe where no one knows his true identity? Shoot, are they going to call the next movie Spider-Man: One More Day? That would make a lot of comic book fans angry and anxious.


Obviously, that's all just speculation but it's going to be fun seeing how they handle Peter's exit from the MCU. Many of us were hoping that he would be the face of Marvel Studios now that Iron Man is dead. Hell, it seemed like the whole point of Spider-Man: Far From Home was to make him the studio's central focus but that won't be happening.

At least we have Thor, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther?

MCU Spider-Man 3 (ugh) will be coming out on July 16, 2021.

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