Sony Might Acquire Batman: Arkham Publisher Warner Bros Interactive

There might be a new heavy hitter that could purchase Warner Bros. Interactive in the near future. After several speculations that that AT&T-owned video game publisher is currently up for sale, a new report suggests that Sony already has its eye on the Batman: Arkham publisher and might be the best candidate to make the purchase.

Back in July, there were rumors that AT&T has decided to put WB Interactive up for sale and that the publisher could end up being acquired by Microsoft or EA. However, there were no additional updates since then. Interestingly, a new report from Gaming Bolt revealed that analyst Michael Pachter believes Sony is taking interest in WB Interactive.

"I do think Sony is in a good position to buy Warner Bros. Interactive assets should they ever go on sale again. Depending on whether AT&T chooses to sell them, and how," Pachter said. He then offered some explanation on how AT&T could deal with the possible acquisition.

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Credit: WB Interactive

"If they just want to license their IP out, they will probably not go with exclusivity deals, because they won't want the games limited to just one platform, but if they sell perpetual rights to Batman or Mortal Kombat, I think those assets would be pretty cool for Sony to fold into their lineup," Pachter stated.

Buying WB Interactive would be a great move for Sony but it's also important to point out that AT&T has not yet confirmed whether the publisher is for sale. In the meantime, we will need to wait for an official announcement that could confirm this story.

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