06 Feb 2017 6:57 PM +00:00 UTC

Sony is Making a Supernatural Thriller About a Video Game App

Sony has purchased the rights to /reddoor, a supernatural thriller about the horrors of a virtual reality app, Deadlinereports. The spec script for the movie focuses on a journalist investigating a new app that proved to have the ability to really kill the player once they've entered the game's virtual world. The movie is described as being in the spirit of The Ring and Ready Player One.

The stakes of the movie will certainly be pretty high for this journalist, as he'll have to stop the game from making him and his sister next in the body count. The thrilling tale was written by Teddy Tenenbaum and Minsun Park. Tenenbaum previously wrote Ghost Whisperer.

The movie will be produced by Barry Josephson, Liz Bassen and Jim Wedaa. Josephson is known for producing the Bones TV show. Wedaa produced the horror thriller The Boy as well as Unstoppable.

The movie has the potential to be interesting, though the title is not the greatest. Are you interested in this movie? Or do you think virtual reality horror is played out?

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