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Sony Gives Away Two Big Games for Free as Part of the 'Play at Home' Initiative

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Staying at home in the current Coronavirus pandemic has been seen as troublesome for people since we all get bored and need social activity. After all, humans are social animals and we all need some form of communication, whether it be hugs, kisses, or even a simple hello. Sony is going to try to make it easier for PlayStation 4 owners as the company has announced that they will be making two big games free: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey.

Announced in the PlayStation Blog as part of Sony's Play at Home initiative, these two games aren't exactly strangers to PlayStation owners. The Uncharted games were mainstays on the PS3 and this collection collects those titles together so it's a steal to get for free. That being said, these games are already pretty cheap and can be found in second-hand stores easily and was even "free" for PS Plus owners not too long ago.

That being said, if you've never played this game before, now's your chance.

Journey is another game that's been cheap and/or free multiple times but is a title that is a bit relevant to the times, as it's about going outside, meeting similar people, and conquering your fears. This is something we can't really do right now so any chance we get to play a game that feels like social activity, we'll take it.

Yeah, these aren't the best games ever to make free but are far from the worst options. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey will be free for everyone from April 15 to May 8. Once you redeem them, these games will be yours forever.

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