Someone Modified Hyrule Temple So You Can Now Play It In Smash Bros.

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There's just no stopping modders.

A modder with the handle Sir Kirby has turned Hyrule Temple into a character that can be played in Super Smash Bros. Sir Kirby developed and turned Hyrule Temple to Brawl, according to My Nintendo News.


The mini playable character version of the stage has even been equipped with weaponry in the form of Fox's gun as well as Kirby's hammer.

Since it debuted in Melee, Hyrule Temple has become one of the most prevalent stages in Super Smash Bros. Its popularity continues even today. It remains a fan-favorite stage in the game no matter how much it's repeated.

It seems that one gamer got so addicted that he asked a modder to create a playable Hyrule Temple, because why not? According to Gamenesia, Super Smash Bros. Brawl modder SirKirby made the modification after a fan made a request.

The Hyrule Temple mini mod sure looks ridiculous and bizzare, but the tiny miniature version mod is still playable. It could be fun. It could even be a launchpad for more mini versions of other playable stages with weapons and other huge characters.

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