19 Apr 2018 8:06 AM +00:00 UTC

Solo: Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders Come From Marvel's Star Wars Comics

One of the more lesser-known parts of Solo: A Star Wars Story is the villain Enfys Nest, who is the leader of the Cloud Riders. While the group sounds as threatening as an episode of My Little Pony, it seems like they will be giving Han and his makeshift crew a ton of trouble.

It turns out that the Cloud Riders roots come from the non-canonical Star Wars Legends line, which should please fans of the franchise. The writers of Solo, Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, revealed the details during an episode of The Star Wars Show, which spotlighted Enfys Nest and his crew.

Apparently, Enfys is a stark contrast to Beckett, the character Woody Harrelson plays in Solo. The writers have stated that Enfys and the Cloud Riders are more like pirates, while Beckett is just as lethal but a bit more professional.

"To understand who Enfys is, you first kinda think you gotta understand who Woody Harrelson plays, which is a character named Beckett. Who is sort of a highly trained, very lethal criminal. He's a real pro, who's into big jobs, and he runs a crew. But one of their competitors is a sort of more pirate-like gang and the leader of that gang is Enfys Nest."

In the original Marvel Comics run of Star Wars, the Cloud Riders were a swoop bike gang of marauders who came into conflict with Han and Chewie. Seems like Solo will do its best to retell that story with a few twists and turns, just the way the fans like it. Lawrence Kasdan has stated that the movies will build on what has been established before, picking elements from Legends and seeing how it can fit in the grand mythology.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out on May 25.

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