08 Feb 2018 3:59 PM +00:00 UTC

Solo: Donald Glover Explains how His Lando is Different from Billy Dee Williams’

People have a lot of things to say about Alen Ehrenreich being cast as Han Solo, but everyone is praising the choice to have Donald Glover play a younger Lando Calrissian. As it turns out, Glover is approaching his portrayal of Lando differently and says there's a difference between his performance and Billy Dee Williams' original portrayal.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Glover explains:

"I always like seeing younger characters when they are in younger times because it tells a lot about how they got to where they are. Like, when I was a teenager I felt like I knew a lot, but I didn't. By the time we meet him in Empire Strikes Back, he owns the city already. [Laughs] So, I wanted to show the person he was before that was even possible. Like, I don't even know if he thought that was possible at the time."


I think he's probably a little more over the top because he's not old enough to be like, you don't have to push so hard by the time you own the city. By then he's like, I don't need to prove anything to anybody, you know?"

While it does seem that Williams' version of Lando in ESB is the more mature version of Lando, Glover will be portraying Calrissian back when he was still in his gambling days. He probably may not be as young as Han, but at least this Lando is old enough to own a ship.

Though a lot of fans were worried at first, the first teasers for Solo have put them at ease, and now everyone is gearing up for the release this coming May. I think the movie looks amazing, and I'm hopeful that any rumors about Ehrenreich being a bad actor or that the film is a disaster just turn out to be false.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25.

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