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Solo: A Star Wars Story Gets Minor Name Tweak for Foreign Markets

When fans found out that the Han Solo movie would be called Solo: A Star Wars Story, they were fine with it. Following how Rogue One was titled, it seems like this will be how Disney will brand future Star Wars spin-offs. Most people seem to be fine with the film just being called Solo but it looks like that won't be the case in some foreign markets, where it will be called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The official Star Wars Facebook page has revealed that Spain will call the movie Han Solo instead of Solo, most likely so that it will be easier to advertise. Since the word Solo isn't exactly exclusive to the character, other foreign markets will be using this name to make it clear that this film will star everyone's favorite Star Wars character. It's not the worst thing ever and some would argue that the title is better than just calling it Solo.

Certain films get renamed to either appeal to foreign markets or differentiate the title from an existing franchise. Marvel's The Avengers was called Marvel's Avengers Assemble in the UK since there is a popular spy thriller called The Avengers that is still well known among the British. Captain America: The First Avenger was re-named The First Avenger in other countries since the name Captain America might have turned off foreign fans.

Solo: A Star Wars Story or Han Solo: A Star Wars Story will be coming out on May 25, 2018.

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