Sigourney Weaver Talks About “Very Satisfying” Alien Sequel

Sigourney Weaver has spoken up about Neill Blomkamp's upcoming Alien sequel.

During the screening of James Cameron's Alienson Tuesday night (via EW), Weaver revealed that she hasn't seen any of the two Alien vs. Predator films. The 66-year-old actress made the revelation after she was asked to respond about her aversion towards the franchise mash-up movies.

Weaver said:

Well, I haven't seen them. Because I heard that the Alien doesn't beat the Predator and I thought, ‘F— that.'

Despite this statement, the actress openly expressed her desire to create a new Alien movie with director Neill Blomkamp, which will reportedly be a direct sequel to Aliens and which will discount the previous two AVP movies added to the franchise.

She revealed:

It's going to be very satisfying. After [Alien: Resurrection], it was all going to end up on Earth and I didn't want to end up on Earth. It seemed so mundane to me, compared to the beauty of space. So, we kind of just left the whole story hanging and [it] always felt a little incomplete to me.
And so, when Neill Blomkamp started to talk to me about a sequel to this movie, I thought, ‘Gosh, that would be so great, to know that Ripley has a resting place eventually, and wouldn't it be great to end the series like that.'
Not that the other two didn't happen. I love them all. But the filmmaker has to be inspired by what he is inspired by, and what he grew up with, and I think [Neill] wore the tapes out ofAlienandAliens. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Weaver also gave credit to her Aliens co-star Michael Biehn and his character, space marine Corporal Hicks. Weaver said the actor will also star in Blomkamp's film.

He's such a great guy, Michael. And he's so wonderful in this part. I think the part of Hicks is just a beautifully-written part, this very cool marine with great heart, and strength, and intelligence.

Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant will be released on August 4, 2017 first, while Blomkamp's will follow at an unknown date.

I'm not certain which one is going to be better, but if we're going to take Weaver's word for it, Blomkamp's sequel should be well worth the wait.

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