Shots Fired: Logan Teaser Calls Out To Beauty And The Beast

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Logan is still pulling in audiences ever since it was released, but it could very well see some competition once Beauty and the Beast hits theaters. Marketing is still going on for Logan, and oddly enough, they've released a TV spot calling out to its would-be box-office competitor.

The teaser says "Some want to see the beauty… but you should see the beast," all with singsong Disney music playing in the background then transitioning to heavy action noises. It's fun to see that marketing team has a sense of humor.

Funnily enough, Logan star Hugh Jackman has a history with Beauty and the Beast, with him playing Gaston on Broadway. Some fans of his are even curious as to why he wasn't cast as the Gaston in the live-action movie in the first place. Nevertheless, they can compare him to current Gaston Luke Evans in their sing-off video.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17.

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