Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados Finally Arrive in Pokemon Go

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The dataminers were right. Niantic's finally rolled out Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Earlier today dataminers from The Silph Road managed to get their hands on the new Pokemon Go update and while the patch notes didn't necessarily say that the game was getting Shinies, it did say that the game was getting Shiny Pokedex Buttons. Speculation had it that the update would have something to do with Niantic's new "Water Festival" event, and now gamers are reporting Shiny Magikarp sightings as part of the festivity.

Though they appear normal in the overworld map, the Shinies immediately appear as Shiny Pokemon once gamers try to catch them with a Pokeball.

Gamers have posted their captured Shiny Magikarp and Gyardos online. The one below shows the difference between a regular Magikarp and a Shiny one. Lighter-colored, the Shiny Magikarp also has a distinctly sparkly background. Check it out down here:


This is definitely a day worthy of celebration. Aside from Gen II Pokemon, Pokemon Go gamers have been hoping and waiting for a Shiny update for a long, long while. Gamers who set aside the game because of its lackluster updates and events can now find incentive to return to Pokemon Go.

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