Shindo Life Codes: NEW August 2022 UPDATE

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August 15, 2022 UPDATE: A new code dropped on the weekend!
- NEW code - RELLhardWorkmyGuy! - Free spins
Read on for more new codes!

New Shindo Life codes are out! You can redeem the following codes to get free spins and RELL Coins. Don't forget to apply them right away, or they may expire before you have the chance! The following is the entire updated list of new Shindo Life codes as of August 2022!

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Table of Contents

All New Shindo Life Codes: 2022 August Update

  • RELLhardWorkmyGuy! - RELL Coins and Spins - NEW - August 13
  • k1nGhasR3turned! - Free Spins - NEW - August 9
  • GrInDinH4rd! - Free spins - NEW - August 8

NOTE: Expired Codes have been removed from this list. The above is the full list of active Shindo Life Codes.

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How to Redeem Shindo Life Codes

Shindo Life Codes
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In order to redeem Shindo Life codes on PC, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Xbox, PS4, PS5, and more, all you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Open Shindo Life
  2. In the top left game menu, choose select and "Edit"
  3. In the top right, select "YouTube Codes"
  4. Enter in the code and click the redeem button

It's that simple! Once this is done all of the codes you have entered will be redeemed! No fix or troubleshooting is needed!

Why Are Shindo Life Codes Not Working?

If you can't redeem Shino Life Codes it's because you are using expired codes. Below is a list of expired codes which can no longer be redeemed.

  • onlyTeemWeelTeel!
  • rahwomen!
  • muyHungerb0i!
  • Ragnarr!
  • Ragnaarr!
  • Ragnat!
  • verryHungry!
  • ShoyuBoyu!
  • RamenGuyShindai!
  • RamenShindai!
  • RELLYrellcoins!
  • RyujiMomesHot!
  • Shindotwo2
  • ShinobiKenobi!
  • Shindotwo2
  • ShinobiLife3!
  • c0434dE!
  • fansAppreciationN!
  • onehunnet!
  • 0aCbeHUHwhat!
  • 58xp!
  • 2022IsHERE!
  • akumaSinferno!
  • ApoLspirT!
  • BeastTitan3!
  • BigBenTenGokU!
  • BigFELLArell!
  • BiGGemups!
  • BigOleSOUND!
  • BigRenGokuMon!
  • BigTenGokuMon
  • BoruGaiden!
  • BorumakE!
  • BoruShiki!
  • BruceKenny!
  • BusBius
  • ccH0w!
  • ccWeaR!
  • CCwh4Re
  • Dr1vingYEAGER!
  • drMorbiusmon!
  • enGOkuuu!
  • Er3NYEaRgear!
  • Erenshiki!
  • exclusiveGameModeSOON!
  • farmsJins!
  • G0DHPg0dLife!
  • Gen3When!
  • GenGen3Apol!
  • GenThreeYesson!
  • HeyBudniceCode!
  • j1nG0kU!
  • J1nSHEEkeys!
  • j1NyErGAr!
  • Johnsuki!
  • k3NsOuND!
  • KennyBruce!
  • MorbiTing!!
  • MorMor!
  • NewBeginnings!
  • niceTwiceEXpd!
  • OACBlols!
  • OGreNganGOKU!
  • OlePonymon!
  • penguins!
  • PieceSeaLLeR!
  • REELdivine!
  • rEgunKO!
  • RELL123SeA!
  • rellCoyn!
  • RELLseesBEEs!
  • renGOkuuu!
  • RuneKoncho!
  • SanpieBanKai!
  • SeaARELL!
  • SEnpieBenKai!
  • ShUpDoodE!
  • SixPathMakiboi!
  • SoUwUndKen!
  • SPNarumaki!
  • TENgunK0!
  • TensaSengoku!
  • TenSen!
  • tomspidermon!
  • VenGeanc3!
  • VenGeance!
  • VeryStrange!
  • zangAkma!
  • ZangetsuWu!

When Are New Shindo Life Codes Coming Out?

While there isn't a set schedule for Shindo Life Code releases, the Roblox game tends to announce a few new codes every month, with some months having more then others. Since there isn't a set schedule, we recommend returning to this article every few weeks for updates.

You can also find the latest codes by following the official Rell Games Twitter account by clicking here!

It's important to redeem codes as soon as you find them, as they do have a shelf life and will eventually expire.

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