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Shindo Life Cloak ID Codes and Equip Instructions

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Shindo Life Cloak Id Codes

Don't miss out on the chance to customize your cloak in Shindo Life! We've compiled this list of Shindo Life cloak ID codes for your benefit.

It does take a small amount of effort to apply these ID Codes to the game. So be sure to read our instructions at the end of the article. If you're looking for free RELL Coins and Spins, check out our new Shindo Life Codes article as well!

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Shindo Life Cloak ID Codes

  • 2321156683 - Kirby Cloak
  • 322630702 - Black Tattered Cloak
  • 6286971806 - Evil Deer Cloak
  • 7111574598 - Blue Dolphin Cloak
  • 7628549910 - Green with Yellow Webs Cloak
  • 7747406441 - Yellow and Black Dio Cape 2
  • 7756460185 - Blue Flamed Cape
  • 7757699356 - Yellow and Black Dio Cape
  • 7758633015 - Pink Flames and Pink Swirl Cloak
  • 7759474906 - Rinnegan Purple Flames Cloak
  • 7761296826 - Black Lone Moon Cloak
  • 7761886973 - Akatsuki Red Cloud Cloak
  • 7763811303 - Black Cloak with Character Logo
  • 7766264353 - Red Flame Number 9 Cloak
  • 7766599337 - Flamed Monster Energy Green Cloak
  • 7766794162 - Red and Gold Senko Cloak
  • 7767773942 - Pale Pink Flames White Cloak
  • 7768324439 - Knight's Classic Brown Cloak
  • 7768356173 - Red and Black Fire Cloak
  • 7768605086 - Red and Black Turtle Cloak
  • 7770138733 - Sharingan Red Details Black Cloak
  • 7772783371 - Jashin Ribs Black Cloak
  • 7774378121 - Green Accented Black Cape

NOTE: The above is the full list of active Shindo Life cloak ID codes.

How to Equip a Cloak in Shindo Life

Shindo Life Cloak ID Codes
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In order to equip a Shindo Life cloak, you just need to follow 5 simple steps. The process is the same on PC, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Xbox, PS4, and PS5.

  1. Open up the game and join a world
  2. Open up the Menu by typing "M"
  3. Select the "Customs" button second from the button, on the left
  4. Click the Cloak section and enter one of the Cloak IDs provided in this article
  5. Pay the 20,000 RELL Coin fee to unlock

It's that simple to redeem! Now you've got your new cloak live and working!

Why Are Shindo Life Codes Not Working?


If you can't redeem Shino Life Codes it's because you are using expired codes. To date, all Shindo Life cloak codes are working and non-expired, but that doesn't mean they won't expire in the future.

Stay tuned for more news and updates around Shindo Life from!

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