'Sherlock' Honest Trailer Shows why it's Actually a Superhero Show

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A new Honest Trailer has been released for the popular BBC show Sherlock. As usual, the folks at Screen Junkies poke some gentle fun at the show and point out how repetitive some elements are. Watch the trailer below:


The trailer takes on Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock and his "beautiful shark face" and Martin Freeman's Watson with his "adorable little run". They offer both praise and criticism for the show, noting that it is "clever and witty" but also pointing out it is "obnoxiously aware" of how clever and witty it is. Also, why is Benedict Cumberbatch in everything now?

They also point out Sherlock has all the elements of a superhero show: A superpowered hero (in Sherlock's case, super-intelligence and deduction), a trusty sidekick, a city to protect and big villain. It's one giant alien fistfight scene away from becoming a Marvel movie! And Benedict Cumberbatch happens to also be Doctor Strange.

I'm surprised there wasn't a joke about how infrequently episodes of the series come out, but this was a pretty amusing trailer. What did you thing? Did you agree or disagree with any of the points bought up in the trailer?

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