Sherlock Fans Need to Brace Themselves for an Emotional Next Season

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When the teaser for Sherlock's next season was revealed in SDCC 2016, the tone that it set was one of grim and foreboding. Something's coming, and even the great Sherlock Holmes gives a very shocked look when he appears to be confronted by it.

In an interview with, actress Amanda Abbington, who plays the role of Mary Watson, seemed to hint this as well. Talking together with Producer Sue Vertue, they both agree that they cried while reading the scripts. But as much as the next season will be an emotional one, it's not without the lighter side of emotions.

"But that's juxtaposed with humor, as it should be. All great dramas should have comedy in it as well. ‘Cause that's life."

While Abbington did not reveal any more details as to what Mary will be doing for the coming season, she does drops a hint that her role will live up to her name.

Abbington also shared how she felt when she first read about her role's major shocking twist. According to Abbington, she didn't see it coming at all, and the only time she knew about it was when she was already reading the script together with Martin Freeman, who plays the role of Doctor John Watson, her husband in the series.

She did appreciate how it was done, especially since it was a huge twist that not everyone expected that it was coming.

"I knew that there would be quite a few fans that would hate me, which is great, because that's what we do. We make characters that you love and hate."

The fourth season of Sherlock will premiere in 2017. In the meantime, you can also check out the SDCC 2016 teaser to get some of the waiting-edge off.

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