08 Mar 2018 3:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Shazam!: Our Best Look Yet at Captain Marvel’s Suit

We've been getting some blurry photos from the set of Shazam! and fan have a basic idea of what Captain Marvel is going to look like. Now there are some clearer close-up photos of the suit where we can actually see some details.

Check them out:

Since the yellow on the chest and gauntlets is kind of plain, I'm wondering if they're going to enhance the image with CGI. With the MCU modernizing their superhero outfits, it's cool that the DCEU is able to embrace the spandex superhero look, but at the same time not make the characters look silly.


Director David F. Sandberg has been saying that an official look of Captain Marvel by WB is right around the corner, but with all these set photos leaking, I wonder just when ‘right around the corner is.' Hopefully when we do get an official reveal, WB just tops if off with a look at all the different characters including Bill Batson and his friends as well as Doctor Sivana and the Wizard Shazam.

With news of the other DC movies going quiet, it's actually cool that Shazam! is moving steadily with production. Let's hope this one doesn't get meddled on by the studio like the previous installments.

Shazam! comes out April 5, 2019.

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