Shazam!: Mark Strong Talks Sinestro and Playing a New Villain

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Though he may have been one of the heroes in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Mark Strong has played a handful of memorable villains including Green Lantern's Sinestro. Strong has been cast as the villain Doctor Sivana in the DCEU's Shazam! movie, and he sees this as his way to make up for not returning as Sinestro.

Talking to Total Film (via Games Radar), Strong explained:

"Sinestro was meant to go evil in the second one. The final frame of the first film is him trying on the yellow ring and his whole costume going yellow, and that was when he went evil. So I was really looking forward to that. The film didn't do as well as they expected… so it never got made. So I was definitely conscious that Sivana is almost like the next stage that I wasn't able to take."


Though Sinestro is known better for being a villain, he was actually introduced in Green Lantern as one of the heroes, and didn't turn ‘evil' until the end credits. Though the movie may be one of the worst-regarded superhero films to this day, a lot of people agree that Strong's villain was one redeeming quality.

I'm very eager to see how Strong will turn out in Shazam!. He's a fantastic actor, who always knows how to play the intimidating villain. It would be cool to see how he fairs against the Suprman-child that is Captain Marvel.

Shazam! comes out April 5, 2019.

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