Shazam Director Trolls Fans With His 'Research'

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Shazam is going to be one of the more interesting films in the DCEU, with promises of a lighter tone and two lead actors among other things. It also has David F. Sandberg directing it, a bit of an odd choice considering that he specializes in horror films. The director seems to be aware of his reputation, as he shared some of his "research" for the former Charlton Comics character for some fun trolling.

On his Twitter account, Sandberg shared a comic strip similar to the early Captain Marvel comics he appeared in when he had that name back in the day. The twist is Shazam unmasks Sandberg, who says his own special word that turns him into something unsettling. It's so odd and creepy that Shazam/Captain Marvel leaves the scene, before the comic ends with "buy more war bonds" for kicks.

It's clearly tongue in cheek, but it also shows that Sandberg is doing his research well. The art style seen in the strip is very similar to the old Captain Marvel comics, making this fan wish for a Golden Age omnibus for the character.

Shazam has no release window as of this writing, though Warner Bros is hoping for a late 2018/early 2019 release. In the meantime, fans have November's Justice League film to enjoy.

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