Shazam! Director Confirms Watchmen Easter Egg in SDCC Trailer

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There were already a lot of Superman and Batman references in the latest Shazam! trailer, but a fan on Twitter was insightful enough to notice a bunch of smileys places on a character's desk. As it turns out, these were a reference to Alan Moore's Watchmen.

A fan had asked director David F. Sandberg about it, and Sanberg replied with a close-up picture of the desk.


You'll even notice that one of the smileys has a red mark on it, exactly like the Comedian's badge from Watchmen.

This isn't the first Watchmen reference in the DCEU either. In Batman v Superman, there's some graffiti that can be spotted that translates to "Who Watches the Watchmen?" The extended cut also has graffiti saying "The End is Nigh" and "Who watches the watchmen" written in a Daily Planet article.

No doubt, there'll probably be more Easter Eggs hidden in Shazam!. I'm just happy to see the DCEU story moving forward after so long. Justice League seemed like such a long time ago, and I just want to watch the universe continue to grow.

Here's hoping Aquaman gets the franchise back on its feet.

Catch Shazam! in theaters April 5, 2019.

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