Scott Derrickson Talks Doctor Strange Villains and Possible Sequels

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The director and writer for Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson, has a lot to say about the upcoming movie, Screenrant reports. In an interview with Screenrant, Derrickson talked about villains, possible sequels and Bob Dylan songs. He also discussed the difficulty of adapting outdated characters from the comics into modern movies.

Derrickson is a huge fan of Bob Dylan and revealed that they are looking into having some of his songs in the movie. "We're looking at specific songs and some of them classic songs," he said. "We'll see which ones we'll get. Which ones we can afford and which ones we can get the rights to."

Derrickson said he wanted the magic in the movie to be like nothing the audience had seen before. "For me the starting point was what kind of things have we not seen in cinema? " he said. "I started from that place and looked for a way to tie that in to magic."


Derrickson described the movie as being in the "supernatural martial arts" genre, which he acknowledged was a genre most popular in Asian cinema. Derrickson also admitted that the main antagonist of the movie,Kaecilius, was not a very well-known character. He said he loved that about the villain.

Derrickson describes Kaecilius, as a "man of ideas". He say the character is the perfect vllain for the movie because he is "rooted in the real world". He says there is an :"intimate relateability between Strange and his adversary" because of that, but Kaecilus is stil "empowered by something else. By something otherworldly. And connected to something else otherworldly. Which comes straight from the comics – and I'll say this, another character straight from the comics."

Derrickson also talked about the challenges of adapting characters like Baron Mordo and Wong. He said Mordo's "very basic archness" made him a "difficult character to adapt". He said in order for Mordo to be present in Doctor Strange, and "God willing, the sequels" they needed to establish "who he was before he got into that arch villainy in the comics. And that's a lot of what we're doing in this movie is we're sort of building a foundational understanding of who he was before the guy that you met in that comic so that that turn isn't an arch turn."

Derrickson also talked about the difficulty of tranforming Wong from the racial stereotype he was in the comics, something he has discussed before.

It's interesting to see the thought process behind the movie. I wonder what Bob Dylan song would fit Doctor Strange. Do you have any suggestions? Any thoughts on Derrickson's reasoning?

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