Scientific Experiment Shows Mind Control Is Possible

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Back in 2010, a researcher and alternative healer named Masaru Emoto demonstrated to the world the power of thoughts in a famous rice experiment. Basically, he showed that positive thinking can do a great deal of good to the world.

Before you start doubting Emoto, it’s better to know a bit of his background. The Japanese doctor became famous in 2004 after his water molecule experiments appeared in the film, What The Bleep Do We Know?

In the film, Emoto demonstrated that our thoughts and intentions can alter our physical world. Humans being comprised of 60% water, Emoto’s experiments make sense. It also shows how powerful our thoughts and feelings really are.

Emoto’s rice experiment in 2010 went even further.


In the video, you’ll see rice inside containers being affected by thoughts. The rice that received negative thoughts turned rotten, while the rice that received positive words and thoughts didn’t change at all.

It might seem far off, but I find it somewhat similar to mind control. If thoughts and intentions had that much influence on the rice, it got me thinking whether our thoughts could possibly affect the intentions or thoughts of other people too.

The effect of our consciousness on the geometric structure of water crystals are quantifiable, as shown in astudy done in California. What about this relates to the nature of our mind? It’s possible that our thoughts have the same entity that comprises water. Kilgrave’s powers in Jessica Jones might truly be possible one day.

Check out the original studyhere.