Sam Heughan's Food Staple to an Incredible Physique for Outlander is Surprisingly Common and Cheap

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The allure of Outlander is not just about how the showrunners incredibly adapted Diana Gabaldon’s tales for TV. Admittedly, we watch the show because both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe look like something handpicked and carved by God himself. Today, we’ll focus on the Jamie Fraser actor.

Heughan sees his body as an extension of a character’s costume, which explains why Outlander’s main guy is hella ripped.

With Outlander Season 6 now on our screens, the Scotsman has revealed how he’s managed to keep himself looking as good as he does.

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Sam Heughan Experimented with Multiple Diets

Heughan says he's experimented with his diet a lot, going from vegan to full-on carnivore. He's even tried Atkins and enjoys experimenting with new diets on a regular basis. The Outlander star says he's always interested to watch how his body reacts to different situations. But, in the end, he always returns to “eating cleanly.”

“My body does well on carbohydrates, especially porridge,” Heughan told GQ UK. “It’s probably the number one power of food for me. There are infinite ways to enjoy porridge. I always have a flavored protein powder in there, chocolate or vanilla, and you can put anything you want on top of it. The world is your oyster.”

He said that the most difficult aspect of his diet is finding good options while on set or traveling. As a result, he always has a box of protein bars accessible. Heughan also takes supplements to improve his immunity and provide him with stamina "because the days are long and tiring both physically and mentally."

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Sam Heughan’s Workout Routine is Something What Jamie Fraser Would Do

When it comes to Heughan's daily workout routine, he says it's designed with Outlander in mind in general. He says the idea is “about staying true to what Jamie Fraser would do.”


“He’s a military man and a farmer. Therefore I’ll cover all body groups across the week. The workouts tend to be strength-based, but functional. Compound lifts, farmer carries (I really enjoy them), split-rack carries, overhead carries,” Heughan shared.

As for Heughan’s downtime, he says enjoys cooking, watching documentaries, and sipping on some cocktails or whiskey.

“Alcohol is probably my main indulgence/fascination,” he added.

New episodes of Outlander Season 6 air Sunday nights on Starz.

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