Saiyan-Focused Dragon Ball Movie Coming In 2018

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It took some time but we are finally getting a new Dragon Ball anime movie. The most recent Dragon Ball film we've seen was Resurrection F, which brought Freeza back to the fold. While details on the new film are scarce, it looks like it will be a worthwhile story for the franchise, since it will focus on the history of the Saiyan race.

Akira Toriyama will be overseeing the script and handling the character designs, so we can expect some visually striking Saiyans in the film. This has led to some speculation that the movie would focus on the very first Super Saiyan God, which was mentioned in Battle of the Gods. While these details haven't officially been revealed, it would make for an intriguing movie and beats a filler villain any day.

Battle of Gods really expanded on the lore of Dragon Ball, which was explored even more on Dragon Ball Super. We've since seen alternate universes, all of which are currently in danger with the current arc of the series. Most films weren't really considered canon until Battle of the Gods, so it looks like future installments will be adding to the lore if this Saiyan-focused film means anything.

This new Dragon Ball film will be showing on an undisclosed date on 2018.

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