Ryan Reynolds Is Detective Pikachu

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The upcoming Detective Pikachu movie just gained a new lease on life, as Legendary Pictures has announced that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds will be voicing the Pokemon icon. This also means that the film will not die and could actually be released soon, officially making it one of the weirdest tie-ins to the Pokemon franchise ever. Nobody asked for this movie, but we are getting it, so we can only hope that it's good.

News on Reynolds' casting was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. Reynolds will be the CGI lead, while Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton are going to be the film's live-action leads. Rob Letterman, who directed last year's Goosebumps, will helm this movie. Interestingly enough, the writers for the film are Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls and Nicole Perlman from Guardians of the Galaxy. With a writing duo that talented, this movie could actually be funny.

Currently, Legendary's Pokemon film has no official title, though Detective Pikachu has been confirmed as the main character. This version of the popular Pokemon was based on a 3DS point-and-click adventure game where players solve mysteries with the help of a talking Pikachu with a Sherlock Holmes hat.

No release date for the Detective Pikachu film has been unveiled.

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