Ryan Gosling Says Blade Runner 2049 Director Is “Loyal” To The Original

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There may be a lot riding on Blade Runner 2049 with the film being a direct sequel to Ridley Scott's popular cult neo-noir science fiction 1980's movie, however Ryan Gosling promises fans that the film is going to properly capture the essences and atmosphere of the original Blade Runner.

Speaking in an interview with The Holly Wood Reporter after attending the 2017 CinemaEurope at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona, Gosling decided to give out a few details on Blade Runner2049. In the interview the Oscar-nominated star talked about what made the original move so iconic and what the sequel has to offer.


"It's iconic for a reason. It's a very deep and powerful and haunting film. It leaves you with more questions than answers and, as a kid, I wasn't used to that. I was used to things being sewn up for me. It was exciting as a fan to know that some of those questions might get answered, and to go back into that universe and explore that world and see how things evolved."

In the interview, Goslin promised that the Blade Runner2049 director Denis Villeneuve would keep to the lines drawn out by the first Blade Runner movie, saying that the helmsman was "so loyal to the original, but at the same time wasn't intimidated by it."

Respect and courage to expand the original universe sounds like a good mix for Blade Runner 2049 – we wonder how "deep and powerful and haunting" and revolutionary the sequel's going to get.

Blade Runner 2049 hits cinemas on October 6, 2017.

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