Russo Brothers Reveal Why Captain America: Civil War Is The Darkest Marvel Movie Yet

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If you think previous Marvel films had been dark, apparently, you haven't seen anything yet.

Captain America: Civil War Directors Joe and Anthony Russo has revealed in a recent interview how they utilized different emotional approaches in creating the story of Civil War in order to set the film apart from any other Marvel movie that has been released so far.

SFX Magazine spoke to the duo in a cover story feature on Civil War. Joe revealed:

Tonally, this is unlike any Marvel movie we've seen before. It's certainly got more edge and, on an emotional level, darker things happen in this movie than people have experienced in other Marvel films.

Anthony then added how the film won't be making a total 180 on Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

In our own minds we always thought ofThe Winter Soldieras a political thriller, and we think ofCivil Waras a psychological thriller. So they're related in tone and texture, but there is a different central dynamic at work.

Naturally, as is the movie's title, the emotional focus of Captain America: Civil War will be on Captain America.

The directors may have pointed out the "dark" tonality of Civil War, but that doesn't mean the entire film will be about agony and gloom.

Joe explained:

[We prefer a movie where audiences] get to laugh and cry and be scared and be happy. That's better than just crying. So while there is an intensity to this and a psychological realism, in places it's also a much funnier movie thanWinter Soldier. Hopefully we balance the movie properly so when you watch, it moves seamlessly between those tones.

To be honest, I expected as much. It's apparent on TheWinter Soldier. As serious as the film had been, there had been some kind of comic inserts in between scenes that helped make the film not too emotionally heavy for viewers. I'm pretty sure Paul Rudd's Ant-Man will be one of the characters to provide comic relief in Civil War. The Russo Brothers even made a video recently with Rudd, who pretended to be Captain America.

Captain America: Civil War is slated for release on May 6.

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