Rurouni Kenshin Will Resume Publication After Child Pornography Fine

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Bittersweet news for manga fans. Last fall, Rurouni Kenshin creator Nobuhiro Watsuki was arrested for possession of child pornography, which shocked many fans of his work. Obviously, this meant that the manga would be put on hiatus as Watsuki paid for his crimes. It turns out all he had to do was literally pay for his crime.

After paying a fine of 200,000 yen, Watsuki is now allowed to continue working on Rurouni Kenshin. The manga will return to publication this June and an apology from publisher Jump Square has been made to fans for the series' delay.

The apology from Jump Square (via Kotaku) states that Watsuki feels remorse for his actions and that he would try to make amends via his return to the manga. Fans of the series might be happy to see Kenshin and his friends return to the manga but many have felt that the punishment of Watsuki was too light.


Some would argue that its different cultures, but his return to the series without consequences does not feel right. Granted, the man has to make money and get reintegrated to society but returning to a popular manga that is popular around the world might be a bit much.

Unfortunately, Watsuki isn't the only comic book creator guilty of child pornography possession. Former Green Lantern writer Gerard Jones pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, although the police said he poses no threat to society. Fans still feel uneasy about this,

Rurouni Kenshin returns this June. Yay?

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