Rumors Of David Goyer As Green Lantern’s New Director Shot Down

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Word has come out recently that David Goyer, the prolific award-winning Hollywood screenwriter behind the Blade and The Dark Knight trilogy is considered to direct the DC Extended Universe installment he's currently screenwriting with Justin Rhodes, the Green Lantern Corps.

Jeff Sneider, a writer for Variety and The Wrap went and spoke about the possibility of Goyer moving up to direct the film in his Meet The Movie Press podcast with Simon Thomson.

"I'm hearing David Goyer, could very well wind up directing 'Green Lantern Corps' himself," Sneider said on the show.

However, Justin Kroll, another reporter for Variety has shot down the report on social media saying that Warner Bros. is content with Goyer writing the script for Green Lantern Corps.


Right now, Warner Bros. has officially haired Goyer to write Green Lantern Corps for them – there's been no mention from the studios on the screenwriter taking the director's seat. Fans should always take rumors with a grain of salt, no matter how interesting they may be.

Green Lantern has no official release date as of yet however the buddy space cop movie featuring John Stewart and Hal Jordan has been said to see release sometime in 2020.

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