Rumor: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Be the Last X-Men Movie From Fox

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It looks like the X-Men and Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU sooner than expected. Fans have been wanting to see these groups in the MCU for the longest time and we got closer to that when Disney purchased Fox last year. Now, there's a report stating that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the last proper X-Men movie.

According to Comic Genre, Kevin Feige is hoovering up all of the Fox-Marvel characters and is supposedly planning to introduce them for Phase Four. The writer managed to find himself in a speaking engagement which included a number of high-level Fox employees that discussed this.

These include the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four. While it's a good move for the fans, it's not so great for the employees in Fox.


With numerous projects like Shadowcat, Doctor Doom, and X-Force supposedly being made, it looks like they won't get the chance to be made if this report is true. It's not just the superhero movies that are in trouble, as the Fox bosses are unsure about developing movies might get canceled.

There are also some problems with Dark Phoenix since the reshoots will pretty expensive. It turns out that sets will have to be digitally recreated since they were taken down after the main filming period. Some of the disappointment might be aimed at first-time director Simon Kinberg, who did not prepare for reshoots, supposedly.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will hit theaters on February 14, 2019. Will it really be the last X-Men film from Fox? Only time will tell.'

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